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Art to Heart is an initiative by Orient Cement Ltd, a company that cares as much for human values and relationships, as it does for building a strong business.​

Orient Cement Ltd, a CK Birla Group company, endeavours to support and promote the Group ethos of being a socially responsible citizen, fully engaged with the society, of which we are part.


CK Birla Group has a long tradition of respect and support for art and artists.


Art to Heart by Orient Cement is another humble effort to contribute to expanding our engagement with our society.​

With the help and guidance of Vineet KKN 'Panchhi', the curator of this initiative,  this is also an attempt to carve out space where artists can collaborate, create and exhibit pieces that touch the heart. Art that evokes the sublime human emotions and makes us more conscious of our human values; our responsibilities to our society, our environment and our world; and bring forth a closer, warmer and a better world for ourselves.


Art to Heart is as simple as it sounds: a cradle of expressions, harmonious and true.

Meet The Duo

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Deepak believes that businesses don't just exist to make products and services. They are an integral part of the fabric of our society and include emotions, people, lives, nature and art. He takes great pride in being able to see his work as an instrument to affect lives and make them richer. Art to Deepak, in any form, symbolises the human need to be creatively expressive. 'Art to Heart' is his way of supporting this.


Vineet KKN 'Panchhi'

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Vineet is a rolling stone. An entrepreneur dabbling in Communication, Filmmaking and Music Production.

Vineet is a true artist at heart. A poet, a singer, a musician, an actor and whatever else the universe lets him be, Vineet is forever absorbing and expressing the world around him and helping others do the same.

He sees 'Art to Heart' as a platform for artists of all kind to collaborate and create what none of us could have done alone.

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