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Dahi Ki Haandi

Janmashtmi celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna and ‘Dahi Haandi’, a key ritual of the festival celebrates the magic of teamwork. In fact, Dahi Haandi is the prototype of a winning team where trust, dedication, control, intensity and strength play their parts in equal measure. 

The team members or ‘Govindas’ as they are well-known, share a common goal: To break the Dahi Haandi. Though unfamiliar with each other, they work towards achieving the common goal, selflessly. 

Strong foundations translating to better growth can’t be better witnessed than in the building of the pyramid. The strongest members form the base of the pyramid. And the base keeps getting thicker and robust as the pyramid gets taller. 

Trust is the glue that holds the pyramid together. They rise and fall, fight off obstacles together to finally achieve their goal. Though one of them finally breaks the ‘Haandi’, he can never really own the success, because he got to the top, standing on so many shoulders. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.
‘Panchhi’ captures the essence of ‘Dahi Haandi’ in poetry as pure as the spectacle itself and Naval Kishore, a gifted artist, does his verse ample justice with his art. 

The ‘Dahi Haandi’ is the muse for Orient Cement’s collaborative business culture. Precisely why Naval’s work of art has migrated from the canvas to the cover of Orient Cement’s Annual report FY 2018-19.

Title: Dahi Ki Haandi

Artist: Nawal Kishore

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

Size: 36“ X 42"

Year: 2019

Dahi Handi Painting.png
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