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'Kanche', a poem by Vineet 'Panchhi' is a dive into the nostalgia of times that were simpler and true, and yet, a mirror to show us how the thoughts of our childhood stay with us through life. Even when things become complex and overwhelming, the child that is fiercely proud and protective of his treasure chest of 'kanche' (play marbles) stays alive inside us.


Panchhi pens down his thoughts and recites this poem in the video below and collaborates with renowned artist Ritu Chopra to give an image to his words. Ritu takes the idea of Kanche and with her brush in her hand, transports us to that hot sunny afternoon at the village ground where the boys are busy collecting and counting their kanche while a couple of them are just happy looking at the clouds go by. 

Title: Kanche

Artist: Ritu Chopra

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Size: 48"x36"

Year: 2019

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-04 at 3.58.54 PM.
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