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The world is yet to figure out, the mystery called ‘life’. Its creator. Its purpose. Its rules. Its tenure. Life’s perhaps the most interesting creation that comes without a user manual. Pretty much like a music player that comes with only the ‘play’ button. Since time immemorial, mankind has been trying to unfold this drama called ‘life’.

Rest assured, there are as many interpretations about ‘life’ as they are people, everyone with their own and unique story.

The only difference being, between ‘living and existing’. Every form of life is presented with these two ‘invisible’ choices – either you merely exist or you live life.

While everybody in the world ‘exists’, only a few truly choose to ‘live’. Chances are, these few have fallen in love with life. Its every offering. Its every nuance, cherishing every moment of life.

Whatever be your choice, life tests you every moment of its existence. And, it spares nobody. How well you are prepared, determines whether you are ‘existing’ or ‘living’.

And we, at Art to Heart, truly believe, the best way to live life is by truly accepting it, romancing it and by being completely immersed in it. And, no prizes for guessing, love for life is the very foundation that makes life love you back.

'Ragon Me Bahegi', a poetry and musical collaboration between Vineet 'Panchhi' and 'Nowhere Station' is a reflection on life and how best to live it.

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